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Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, most people have questions in regards to their blueboard/plastering projects.  It’s an investment in your home and we believe it’s beneficial for you to be educated on the subject.

Here are answers to the most common questions we get

Q:  How long should I wait to paint?

A:  We recommend waiting at least 3-5 days on most projects before painting freshly plastered walls.  You want to be certain the plaster is completely cured.  We will be sure to discuss this with you upon finishing your project.

Q:  What are the best conditions for the plaster to cure?

A:  Too much heat can cause the plaster to dry out too quickly and create cracks.  On the other hand, freezing is no good either.  The ideal environment would be more humid than dry and with room temperature between 55 – 70 degrees F.

Q:  Do you offer sheetrock/drywall services?

A:   Our specialty is blueboard and plaster; therefore we do not offer any drywall services.  Plaster walls are much more durable than drywall and have a higher quality finish.  They are also thicker, which in turn provides better sound proofing capabilities.

Q:  What should I do to prepare before you arrive on the job?

A:  We ask that all furniture be removed from the work area as well as any draperies, light fixtures, etc.  Additionally, a clear path to the work area is necessary as we will need space to bring in tools and supplies.

Q:  Do you cover the floors?

A:  Yes, we cover the floor with job specific floor covering.  We choose the covering dependent upon the job scope and the type of flooring currently in the work area.  This is something we will discuss with you during the initial consultation.

If you have more questions, please get in touch!